Welcome to Unlimited Designs

Unlimited Designs, Inc. is a manufacturer of architectural products that fit both commercial and residential applications, as well as custom designs and professional restorations.  Unlimited Designs’ wide range of products eliminates customers need to search multiple providers in order to find what they’re looking for because it’s all right here.

Unlimited Designs evolved from a construction company in 1994 where our background involved installation of many products that we now manufacture and distribute. We realized that quality products that were easy to install would save consumers both time and money. Unlimited Designs has industry experience and an understanding of the various needs of our customers – contractors, distributors and individual homeowners – UD is equipped to provide premier quality products and services.

Unlimited Designs has fabricated Rocky Mountain Stone Products®, Church Steeples, Fireplace Surrounds, Columns, Ceiling Domes, Ceiling Tiles, Ceiling Medallions, Corbels, Wall Niches, Exterior Trim,  Landscape Accents, Signs & Monuments, Countertops and more.  UD is a reputable producer of Fiberglass, G.F.R.C. (glass-fiber reinforced concrete), G.F.R.G. (glass-fiber reinforced gypsum) and Architectural Precast products. As our sales volume and market penetration grow each year, our products are making headlines. Please take a moment to view product line to see how we can assist you in your next venture.

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